3 ways to power up the networking experience at your event

For businesses and communities, running an event is a great way to bring like-minded people together to share and learn. 

Of course, there are the regulars who always come back to your events, and from time to time, you will see new faces enter the door. A big part of your event’s strategy should be to create a platform for these people to meet each other, and that’s how you grow your community.

For events that bring smiles to people, we often see dedicated community builders (the social connectors) going around the room saying hello and introducing new people to each other! This means If you want your audience to have a good experience, you have to design and facilitate it. It works well if you have this type of personality hosting your events. Most events don’t, and this is where Toasty can help.

1. Turn waiting time into productive time

A lot of events don’t start until the majority of people arrive. This means at the beginning of the event, people are left on their own to figure out how they want to spend the time and whom they want to meet.

We’ve seen event hosts use Toasty to break the ice and connect people to one another when there are just slightly more than 20 people in the room. In less than 5 minutes, there is an instant jump in the energy level in the room as Toasty gets everyone involved. People who just arrive at the venue can also join Toasty anytime, welcoming and getting everyone engaged since the start of the event.

With an audience that is fired up, you can bet that they’ll also be more engaged in the main event, be it a speaker session or a panel discussion or a workshop.

2. Great conversations to keep your audience behind

At the end of every event, there is always time for people to network and to meet new friends because naturally, humans like to inspire and to be inspired by each other. However, most people don’t stick around because the conversations aren’t so meaningful.

We know that not everyone is comfortable approaching new people to say hi and this is the reason why they tend to leave early. You’ve successfully brought someone to your events, but you’re missing out on a key chance to welcome a potential contributor to your community.

With Toasty, you could instantly introduce new connections to every participant in the room. Through one scan of QR code and a few icebreaker questions, social barriers are removed and you’re opening doors for every participant. Who knows what amazing things can happen?


3. Learn about your audience with an ultimate bonding activity

If you just want your participants to connect with each other, the icebreaking has done its magic so far. 

But if you want to add a bit more and encourage the group to work together (recommended for events under 40 people), you can add a question or two that requires each group to submit a response.

An easy one could be – what do you wish to see more from our events next year? A deeper question could be – what do you think is lacking in our community? You can frame it however you want. Not only will you be able to collect ideas from your community, but you’re also encouraging teamwork and collaboration, which is the best way to connect with new friends.

So here are the 3 ways the event hosts are currently using Toasty to encourage better networking at their events, hope this is useful to you and you can try it out at your upcoming event.