4 benefits event organizers enjoy when using an intelligent business matchmaking platform

With Toasty, every event attendee knows who they are going to meet when they arrive at the conference or exhibition. Toasty uses artificial intelligence to recommend them the top matches and conversations for their business goals. This is a dream come true for event attendees. But what about event organizers? Other than a reduced workload, how does an intelligent matchmaking platform help them bring the event to the next level?

1.Collect more than just registration data

Most attendees go to B2B events for two purposes. The first reason is to listen to knowledgeable speakers for their industry insights, and the other reason is to build meaningful connections and business partnerships. Traditionally, the only data collected is from the registration and ticketing step, and it is very difficult to track event ROI during the event.

With Toasty’s business matchmaking platform, the way business events measure their success is changed. Organizers are now able to track important in-event metrics like the number of meeting requests, the number of confirmed meetings, where the active attendees come from, and many more. All metrics are presented on an easy-to-read dashboard so it is easy to generate an event report.

2. Say goodbye to unmeasurable event ROI.

It used to be difficult to measure event ROI, so the only thing organizers measured is attendance rate and post-event satisfaction score. With a ton of actions happening at a B2B event, a lot of key interaction data points are unmeasured. You know where your attendees are from, but which group is most active in seeking business deals? Are they seeking local or overseas partnerships?

With Toasty, event organizers can understand where their active attendees are from, perhaps China, Japan, or India, and know how well their marketing dollars are working in each overseas market. What does that mean? Next year, organizers know where to allocate budgets.

3. Plan next year’s content based on this year’s data

We have all seen that wall in many B2B events that ask us “what topics are you interested in learning about next year?” And it is always frustrating that the wall is constantly empty. Attendees don’t enjoy this type of one-way interaction. Instead of asking attendees to take actions they don’t want to, the best way is to analyze what they’re already doing.

In addition to matching these attendees, Toasty can analyze and breakdown the attendees’ profile to share with organizers the hottest trend and topics the audience is interested in. This solidifies what organizers should focus on in order to attract a bigger crowd to their events.

4. Generate additional value for your sponsors and exhibitors

At Toasty, we want to ensure our customers are making the most out of our technology to run their successful events. Event organizers can decide to give more visibility to their key partners through increasing their weighting in the algorithm. The profile of partners’ representatives can be ranked higher, boosting more views and receiving a higher chance to match with other attendees. Some organizers even include this privilege in the sponsorship package they offer - a chance to increase their event revenue!

Does this sound too good to be true? You never know until you give it a try. Reach out to us and let us help you improve your business matchmaking activity. The sky’s the limit for your events.