From the co-founder: Why I believe in better interactions


Hi all, Kevon here😄

Over the years of my startup journey, I have attended countless conferences, workshops and networking events. Some events brought me lifelong friendships, but most of the time, I was one of the introverted ones standing in the corner, not knowing whom to approach and struggling with myself when to leave. 

The consistent awkward experience across events struck me hard, “is there a way to make meeting people easier and more pleasant?”

So I started making observations of how people behaved at events and came up with hypotheses about the human interactions I saw. After about 40 events, I finally revealed the secret of genuine connections — it is all about the host.

When the host has a clear structure and purpose designed to bring people together and put in the effort to facilitate conversations, people not only have memorable times at the events, they become close connections and stay in touch afterward. 

I expected it would be easy for the host to do so, but I started to see where the limitations are: time and human resources. An event usually only lasts for 2-3 hours, and after the usual keynote speakers and other spotlight activities, there isn’t much time left for networking. With a big crowd, hosts cannot practically facilitate every conversation in the room, so they rely on the audience to take their own initiative.

I knew this is something technology can help! I started envisioning a future where every event or gathering is more purposeful. And everyone, not just a small group of outgoing people, finds it easy and enjoyable to meet new people and have meaningful conversations. An idea started to form in my head where technology makes networking simple, fun, and interactive. 

And boom – that’s how Toasty was born.