Toasty’s Case Study: CHina CHat 2019 in Shanghai

Hundreds of delegates came together at CHina CHat 2019 to discuss WeChat Marketing trends

Learn how Toasty helped the organizer of CHina CHat provide a targeted networking experience to their delegates and make sure everyone develops valuable connections.

The client

CHina CHat is a 2-day conference (Sep 19-20, 2019) in Shanghai dedicated to WeChat and China online digital marketing. Co-organized by 2 of the most widely respected online sources of information on China digital marketing: China Channel (ChCh) and WalktheChat, the conference brings together top digital marketing experts for presentations, workshops, and networking.

The challenge

  • For a few years, delegates at CHina CHat have been asking for more and better ways to connect with other delegates at the event
  • The conference is content-packed with speaker sessions, yet it does not have a scalable way to connect delegates to each other (especially for overseas delegates)
  • No one wants to download a mobile app in China
  • Markey, one of the organizers of CHina CHat, wants to level up the experience of human connections and provide more values at the conference, but her team has no capacity to focus on that
Delegates of China Chat can set up their toasty profile upon arrival if they haven’t done so

The solution

  • Markey, who has organized dozens of conferences in her life, has been searching for technology that let delegates find the most relevant people to meet at the conference.
  • When she came across us at Toasty 2 months ago, she was intrigued by our A.I. technology to recommend top matches for every single delegate.
  • She decided to work with us to bring this relationship-building experience to her next conference, CHina CHat in Shanghai.
  • Toasty is a mobile-optimized web application, hence it is accessible through a scan of QR code and it does not require any download.
  • Markey and we agreed on the matchmaking details, e.g. custom questions on registration, launch date, and promotion schedule, and the Toasty team went ahead to set up everything ready for the event.
  • The goal was to ensure the easiest onboarding experience for delegates and allow them to build meaningful connections at the event seamlessly.

The results

  • 46.5% of all delegates signed up a profile on Toasty
  • Average of 9.2 views per profile across all users
  • Average of 12.6 messages sent per active user
  • 40% of all connections were sent to AI-generated “Top Matches” by Toasty
  • Organizers were able to sit back and not worry about having to set up traditional networking activities to “help people connect”. At the same time, all the data was measured and could be used to improve the next conference.


After the conference, we sat down with Markey again to review the overall matchmaking experience and shared our feedback to one another. We came to a conclusion by focusing on one important question to help us improve – how can we create an even better matchmaking experience next time?

  1. The business matchmaking program must be promoted ahead of time, allowing more delegates to know and understand the value of the program and platform. It should also be mentioned a few more times during pre-event communication. This can drive pre-event signup and allow more connections to happen on the day.
  2. The organizer should have a dedicated business matching area with tables set up for 1:1 meetings. Using Toasty’s meeting scheduler feature, delegates don’t have to “worry about” when and where to meet, significantly increasing the willingness for them to arrange a meeting.

What’s next

  • Organizing a great conference doesn’t stop when it is over. CHina CHat does a great job of following up with their delegates to ensure they achieved their networking goals at the conference.
  • Our Toasty team talked to a lot of delegates at the conference. With all the feedback, our team is ready to kick off a new round of product development to enhance our product!

Watch this video to hear what the organizer and attendees say about their experience