How to use Toasty Data Analytics to drive better community decisions


The key to successful events is by incorporating learnings from the audience to drive decisions. To obtain these from live users, the team must deliver features that are able to collect and analyze performance. Whether it is measuring attendance or figuring out which sessions people found most engaging, event data can be incredibly valuable! This is how community builders can understand exactly what happened at their events. Toasty Data Analytics offers you the opportunity to collect attendee data in a fun and subtle manner.

Measure and learn what matters to your audience for constant improvement 

It is always seen that the ultimate goal for community builders is to learn more about their audience and to engage conversations with one another. However, one of the biggest struggles for them is to get the exact insights they need. This is why we created Toasty Analytics – To help community builders capture the correct data from events and attendees. 

After running a session with Toasty, you can click on the Analytics tab in the dashboard to see the data from that session activity.

Here are ways to capture data from your events and attendees 

If you’ve read our previous blog post on how Alexandru used Toasty for his Startup Weekend event, he created questions to connect people with each other based on their similar interests and differences. While he was creating his session, he added a question in order to collect some data for himself – Do you already have a startup? In a pool of 80 people, Alexandru was able to go back to his analytics to learn exactly how many people with startup experience attended his event as a reference. 

Toasty could be used in several ways depending on your event objectives whether it is for a team bonding workshop, networking event, training, lecture, data can be extremely powerful. Particularly from a community builder’s standpoint, understanding your attendees on how they feel about your event is essential especially when you want to improve your audience’s user experience for the future. 

Here are three practical examples of how community builders can use Toasty to collect data that relates to their goals or business/community objectives:

  1. Set specific questions that could be useful for you to learn more about your audiences such as beverage preference, professional background and learning interests 
  2. Using our group response activity, you may ask your audience what they want to see more in your next event 
  3. To add some spice to your event, you could ask your groups to go on a scavenger hunt and whichever group photo is voted the best wins! 
Toasty Data analytics board

Using the Data Analytics board, you will be able to view the exact time of the event, the number of participants joined, groups formed and both overall and individual answers to all the questions created. On the other hand, receiving live or real-time answers can also be quick and fun for your attendees to make it more fun! 

Currently Toasty provides three different plans – Basic, Pro and Premium. All plans provide necessary features including icebreaking interactions, data and support. With an upgrade of Pro and Premium plan, you will be provided with additional perks including premium icebreaker templates, premium group activity templates, advanced data analytics and custom branding.