How to engage remote audiences in virtual events: webinars, networking and team-building sessions


Thanks to the information age, all forms of human interactions can be transferred over to the internet. As technology progresses, engaging and interactive virtual events are not only possible, but essential for businesses and communities to expand their impacts beyond the limitation of space. Virtual events are also a good alternative for events that would otherwise be postponed or cancelled due to force majeure. 

While virtual events can potentially attract audiences from around the world, keeping these audiences engaged is far more challenging than in offline events.

Toasty can be used with Zoom to provide just the right tools for virtual interactive activities in webinars, virtual networking and team building events.

Group activities for 3 most common virtual events

Different types of virtual events are facing different challenges in audience engagement. Let’s take a look at how different virtual events can utilize Toasty to boost attendee engagement.

Networking with Conversation Cards

People hate small talks in person. People hate small talks online.
Set up Conversation Cards to foster meaningful conversations among remote audiences.

  1. In your Toasty session, choose Conversation cards activities
  2. Choose from one of the Conversation cards templates (or even create your own!)
  3. During the session, put the assigned groups to Zoom Breakout Rooms to play Conversation Cards 🎉🎉

Webinars with peer-to-peer learning

Unlike participants in a seminar, participants in webinar sessions are thousands of miles away from each other. Fortunately, Toasty Group Response made remote peer-to-peer learning possible.

  1. In your Toasty session, choose Group response activities
  2. Provide instruction on group activity, such as:
    • Ask the group to brainstorm on a topic
    • Ask the group to collaborate to find the answer to a question
    • Ask the group to come up with a mindmap of today’s’ learning
    • Ask the group to reflect what they learned today
  3. During the session, put the Toasty groups to Zoom Breakout Rooms for discussion
  4. After the discussion, bring everyone back to the main meeting room via Zoom
  5. Share your screen via Zoom. Let the groups submit answers and vote for the best answer

Team building with customized Conversation Cards

Team building is just as essential for remote teams as teams working in the same office. Use Toasty to provide a space for reflection after a major project.

  1. In your Toasty session, choose Conversation cards activities
  2. Choose Custom category
  3. Add questions relevant to your team reflection, such as:
    • What have we done well in this project?
    • What should we improve next time?
    • What is our biggest learning from this project?
    • What about the project that has made you grow as a person?
  4. During the session, put the Toasty groups to Zoom Breakout Rooms for reflection

How to Setup Toasty with Zoom

  1. Enable the free Zoom Breakout Room feature. Zoom Breakout Rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting into up to 50 separate groups. 
  2. Create a new Toasty session and set ice-breaker questions to form groups
  3. Setup group activities from Toasty. More information on the section below.
  4. Start the session and invite your audiences to scan the QR code on their mobile phone. Follow the instructions on the screens.

Are you ready to bring the audience engagement to your next virtual events?