How Toasty helps workshop facilitators form mixed groups

“Hackathons are only for coders.” False. 

“Hackathons are only for graphic designers.” False.

“Hackathons are for everyone.” True! 

Hackathons are organized to provide a platform for tech-savvy people to come together to find the next big idea. It is an exhausting weekend-long program and is often seen as an event for geeks.

To banish this misconception, Felix Wong, Community and Growth Manager from Techstars and WHub, and a veteran entrepreneur, came up with an idea: transform a sleepless weekend-long hackathon into a 4-hour bootcamp called Good Growth. He wanted to prove to the audience that the same result can be achieved in less than 48 hours without any coders, only marketers. He gathered 10 marketers together on a weekend, and  wanted to validate his hypothesis, a way that is common in the startup space.

Say goodbye to old fashioned grouping techniques and say hello to a modern grouping methodology that brings like-minded people together

Knowing that the audience were no strangers to each other, Felix had to find a way to mix and match the participants up in an engaging way. He didn’t want to use the old school 1-2-3-1-2-3 approach, and he decided to use Toasty to achieve what he had in mind. Why Toasty? Here are his two reasons. 1. He wanted to use technology to group people logically, which could have been too time consuming to do so manually. 2. He also wanted to break the ice to build an energetic, fun atmosphere to his bootcamp. 

“I wanted to make it less serious. I wanted the formation to be based on personal interest versus professional skills to mix them up” – Felix

5 minutes was all the time needed for Felix to create the ideal groups 

By presenting casual and personal questions to the audience, Felix was able to group them based on their interests and hobbies, and therefore brought like-minded people together. The Toasty way is: coffee lovers sit together, tea lovers huddle around the kettle, skiers squatted together, snowboarders fall together. The list can go on and on. 

After everyone met up with their own group, they were hyped up and were ready to put their dynamic to work! No more awkwardness around finding your own tribe at a workshop, the participants felt that they found their crowd to belong. The social element of this was beyond just forming groups, ice was broken, connections were deepened, and effectively made the bootcamp a successful one. Finally, and most importantly, both the participants and Felix were thrilled about the possibilities this created.

“I felt that Toasty helped us form a team with various backgrounds yet also shared something in common. As a result, our team turned out to be rather productive and surprisingly coherent.” – Eddie

If you want to see how easy it is to quickly form dynamic groups, check out our interactive demo that you can try yourself. Try it now!