How Toasty livens up 100 guests at a VIP dinner

Toasty liven up the audiences

You’ve found a great venue, set a fruitful agenda, invited top management and executives from different corporations – but what else can you add to your business dinner to create a WOW factor for your attendees? No one wants another boring experience and most of the time everything is too formal and structured.

In early 2020, BASE Conference powered by TechSauce Global Summit hosted more than 100 people for their VIP dinner at Hotel Jen Johor Puteri Harbour. They took a new approach to bring Toasty into their networking – it got everyone off their own table to mingle and worked super well! By fitting Toasty into your agenda can help create buzz and gather the audience’s attention. To be honest, most of the time there was never really any official structure to connect people together anyways, right? 

It will no longer be weird to go to another table to say hi to new friends 

To help break the ice and connect people together, Toasty helped in by engaging the whole room to do an activity together. This led to people warming up and opening up the room for new connections. If you’d like to try it out for your VIP dinner, here is how we did it at BASE:

  1. While everyone was finishing up with dinner, we took the opportunity to slip in some fun to liven up the audience 
  2. We asked everyone to scan the QR code and to answer a few ice-breaking questions 
  3. Once everyone was put into groups, everyone stood up and moved around the room to find their group mates 
  4. We further encouraged them to work as a team by asking them to take the best group selfie and to upload them to the screen
  5. Different teams started to think of different ways to take the photo while discussing and laughing at each other’s ideas (some even went to the stage to take photos with the host!) 
  6. Once all of the photos are on the screen, everyone got a chance to vote in groups on the best picture!

Reasons to set up Toasty to gain a lively audience 

  1. No pre-planning needed
  2. Set up takes less than 5 minutes
  3. The easiest way to fire up the room 

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