Introducing Toasty: the new way to connect people at events, workshops, and gatherings

Toasty is the new audience interaction platform that brings people together for sharing and learning

“I do not know whom I should meet and how to start a conversation…”

This is the line I repeatedly hear from event attendees.

Going to an event or a conference can feel draining for everyone. Not only do they need to deal with the awkwardness of walking up to new people, but they also need to find their ways to come up with things to talk about.

We have something for event organizers to make the experience a whole lot better. We call it Toasty and it is a live and interactive platform that breaks the ice and brings people together for meaningful conversations, all through a scan of QR code.

Participants in the room can scan a QR code to join, and instantly everyone is matched into a specific group (size of 2 or more) based on their answers to fun, icebreaker questions (common interest or difference). Participants can then meet up their matches and start to share and learn from one another. Instead of acting as a matchmaker to make tons of introduction (which is impossible when you have a room of 100 people), the event organizer’s role becomes a facilitator.

Imagine all participants can be comfortable making relevant connections at your events, you’re turning your event into a safe and inclusive community. This is amazing! Participants would want to come back and stay as your audience.

So, as an event organizer, what do you want for your event?

As we all know, having a great experience is what brings people back over and over again. A lot of event organizers invest in the content by bringing in speakers or panelists, and the opportunity to help people develop meaningful conversations has always been neglected. Many organizers don’t spend a lot of time on the human interaction part of the event and rely on event attendees to “figure themselves out”. We think this has to change.

Do you care about your attendees?

We care about your attendees, and so should you! Let’s work on enhancing the event experience together.

Welcome to Toasty

We have created Toasty because we want to level up the experience of connecting to the right people and we are super passionate about solving problems with technology. We have just launched our product, so we would love to hear your thoughts and experience with Toasty. Grab us and say hi! 🙂