Toasty’s How: Know your community by asking any questions

Toasty’s How is a series on what you can do with Toasty to achieve your goals.

What it means to you:

  • There are things you really want to find out about your audience, but you have no way to ask
  • Normally it is extremely difficult to get people to respond to you (think survey), and Toasty gets you a response from everyone in the room


If you’re a recruitment platform company running an event, you can ask icebreaker questions like

  • “Are you currently looking for new opportunities?” or 
  • “How often do you switch jobs?”

Then you know exactly who you should follow up with to have a chat after the event!

If you’re a women entrepreneur community running an event, you can ask icebreaker questions like

  • “What kind of events do you usually attend?” or 
  • “What is your main objective from this event?” or
  • “Which days are the most convenient for you to attend our future events?”

Instantly, you know what your audience wants, why they want it, and when they want it.

If you’re interested to learn more about Breaking the Ice, check out what our Head of Product, Jack, has to say.

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