New profile design to drive connections and meetings

Hi 👋 Jack here – Toasty’s Head of Product. I work with our designers and engineers to build the Toasty matchmaking platform.

I wanted to share a quick update with some recent improvements we’ve made.

Events can be chaotic. When you walk in, there’s always so much to see, so many people you want to talk to and so much grabbing your attention. When we design digital experiences, it’s easy to forget that our users may be busy running around, or distracted by other delegates.

Like all event tech, Toasty needs to make it simple and efficient to get stuff done, even if we don’t have your full attention.

New profile design: connecting delegates at top speed

We recently launched an update to the way profiles look when you’re browsing your matches on Toasty. For many conferences now, the number of meetings generated is an important KPI, and this upgrade can help maximize meetings between delegates.

1. Glanceable content

 You’ll notice that we put a lot more content on there. That’s so you can check if a profile is relevant with a quick scan, no need to click and view the full profile unless you’re intrigued to know more.

2. Reasons for matching

Check out the “Keyword match” and “Great fit for…” text. This is a feature we call Reasons for Matching, and Toasty users find it really handy. We’re confident our matching algorithm will recommend the best opportunities for each delegate, and this feature helps them understand why and how their Top Matches can help them. It’s a great conversation starter too!

3. Quick actions

You’ll see the card has some quick action buttons. We designed these to make it super easy to send messages, schedule meetings, and see if the other person has replied. 

We’ve also added a handy and easy-to-use Bookmark feature to allow users to save profiles for later.

New meetings dashboard: Empowering organizers for a smooth check-in

Meeting check-in is key to a great experience for your delegates. Our new Meetings tab on our Organizer Dashboard gives you all you need for a flawless matchmaking check-in. 

We also know that the number of scheduled and confirmed meetings is an important KPI that organizers are tracking. We built this feature so you can track the meetings that have been requested and be certain the delegates were actually present.

The goal is “simple and fast”. With a nice big view of each table at each timeslot, your team will know exactly what’s going on. We’ve included their profile picture too, so they can be greeted by name and checked in with a single tap. Just sit back and relax.

One of the challenges we hear about is last-minute schedule changes. Our dashboard has you covered. It displays pending meetings as well as confirmed ones, so you can predict a last-minute rush.

The dashboard works perfectly on a laptop, tablet or mobile. Or even a big-screen TV – the dashboard updates automatically with the latest data, no need to refresh!


These are just a few of the many recent improvements. The Toasty platform is always improving, and we always challenge ourselves to make it as easy to use as possible. 

If you tried Toasty in the past, reach out to me at any time to learn more about our new features.

Thanks for reading!