Toasty’s How: Collect event feedback easily

Toasty’s How is a series on what you can do with Toasty to achieve your goals.

How do you measure event success if you don’t collect feedback from your audience? Sadly, it has been proven to be extremely hard to do so. Post-event survey? No one does it anymore. Have a person asking people on site? Not efficient.

What it means to you:

  • Easily collect quantitative and qualitative feedback like how Uber asks for your rating of the driver right when you get off the car

An example:

  • Toasty can automatically detect the end of your event and ask your participants to quickly rate their experience on the same screen
  • Participants can easily give a score (for your quantitative metric) and submit their textual feedback if they want to
  • All the rating and feedback show up on your session page in real-time

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