Toasty’s How: Generate great content to share and promote your community

Toasty’s How is a series on what you can do with Toasty to achieve your goals.

What it means to you:

  • The success of an event is not just what happened during the event, content is one of the most valuable ways to extend the event’s lifespan and inspire people to come to your next one
  • Crowdsourcing ideas from the attendees are the best way to create meaningful and relevant content, and Toasty makes it easy for you to do so with even a large crowd
  • Showing how happy the attendees are at your event is better than a thousand words


Curating ideas for business opportunities or future events

Joannie Huang is the organizer of a technical community in Taiwan called Flutter Taipei. She and her co-organizers host meetup every month for the group to come together, meet new friends, and to share their experiences with each other.

At one of the meetups called Flutter Brunch, she uses Toasty’s “Conversation Cards” in the following way to let everyone share:

  • “Share a horrible experience you had with Flutter”
  • “What was the first project you created with Flutter?”
  • “Share a funny story from your team!”
  • “Other than Flutter Taipei, are you also part of any other communities?”

Not only Joannie is able to get everyone to actively share experiences and stories, but she is also able to learn a lot more about her audience in a structured way. These ideas and stories become sources of content of what she can build on at her future events. After someone from each group shared on “What was the first project you created with Flutter?”, Joannie invited a few of them to share in detail the next time they gather! Possibilities start to go wild when you have the right information!

A quick round of icebreaker questions can get you analytics about your audience.

Go read: “Know your community by asking any questions”

You can design relevant, interesting questions and ask those to your audience. Chances are these are the information your audience would want to know as well!

For example, if you are that recruitment platform company running an event, you can share the analytics of how many people are looking for new opportunities at the moment at your events. Would this attract more employer type of attendees next time? Well, you bet.

A group selfie can bring out the best of your community or organization

Why is Group Selfie the most popular feature on Toasty? Because nothing beats a captured moment of fun and belonging with new and old friends. The act of taking a photo together bonds them and it is also a way to remember that day.

You can use these photos on your social media to showcase how fun and engaging your events are. This highlights your brand and culture and certainly, this human element will attract more people to you.

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