What’s a business matchmaking platform vs a networking app?

Business Matchmaking Platform vs Networking App

“Are you a networking app?” We hear this a lot at Toasty.

A lot of people have experience with the networking feature on an event app, so it is natural to think of Toasty as a networking app since the goal is to connect delegates at business events. Yet there are major differences between a business matchmaking platform and a networking app, and organizers should know them before deciding which tech company you want to partner with and whether Toasty is the right fit for your events.

Let’s take a quick look at both of them side by side:

Now you should be quite comfortable knowing what type of software fits your objectives for the events. 


If you’re looking for a casual networking feature, most of the event app software out there should meet your needs. 

If you want your events to be the incubator of business relationships, Toasty is your buddy as we facilitate dealmaking conversations and business relationships. Our product will continue to be developed around helping two business professionals find each other, fulfilling their respective objectives, and making things happen.